Overland Park Lawn Care Services

Janssen Lawn Service provides fertilizing, weed control, aeration and seeding services in Overland Park Kansas. Trust your lawn to a family owned and operated company with a 12-year history of quality and service. Jay and Kyle, the father-son team behind Janssen Lawn Service are both Certified Lawn Care Technicians, with the expertise it takes to keep yards looking green and healthy in our challenging climate.

We see it all here: Hot summer days, long cold winters, droughts and floods; and that was why the Janssens developed a 6-Step Fertilizer program specifically for the Kansas City area. There are a lot of variables involved in good lawn care, so every 6-Step Program is customized for each customer. For example, different fertilzers release nitrogen at different rates, and if you have a water sprinkler system, if you don’t match the fertilizer right, you’re lawn can actually overgrow during the Spring, and create challenges related to mowing and mulching. There are many other variables taken into consideration as well.

Timing is critical. Miss the opportunity for crab grass preemergent herbicide in the early Spring, and you will have lost the battle, and you’ll be haunted by crab grass all summer long. Planting seed at the wrong time of the year can be a complete waste of time. Got grubs? – Not if you had us apply a mid-summer

Not every seed is created equal. Some types of grass do well in harsh, open sunlight, while others require shade, or they will burn up in the hot summer days we have in Kansas. We’ll assess your yard and recommend seed, or a seed mix, best suited for the conditions of your yard.